Best Keyboard for Church Worship – Top keyboards of 2020

Choosing the right keyboard is a huge part of building a keyboard rig for the church. While the entire process feels interesting, it can be slightly taxing as well.

Offline and online stores have endless supplies of keyboards and pianos. They all have their pros and cons. So, which ones do we pick? Which would be the best keyboard for church worship? There are quite a few factors to consider. We will talk about them and provide you a list of options that you can explore online.

Choosing the best keyboard for church worship

What’s awesome for a concert may not really be ideal in a church. The same holds true with outdoor keyboards, portable keyboards, and keyboards for personal use. While a few can be used in various ways, “the best” in each category always stands out. Here’s what you should remember in this particular case:

  • Sounds: Choosing a keyboard that has quality sounds helps a lot. However, you should note that these keyboards are often bulky and may not be portable. If traveling is a major factor for you, you will want to compromise on the pre-built sounds.
  •  Type: There are 3 major options here – workstation, MIDI, and stage piano. We urge you to compare and choose the best based on your needs.
  • Keys: Most keyboardists who perform at the church prefer 88 keys. A 73-key keyboard is also quite good but anything below that is not ideal.
  • Price: If you have a flexible budget, you can look at it as the final consideration point. If your budget is rigid and restricted, make sure you make that your priority and look for options within the price range.

Best keyboard for church worship in 2020

We are now going to speak to you in detail about the best options 2020 is offering. We have curated a list only for you, complete with the pros and cons of each keyboard. 

1. Korg SV2 Stage Piano

Korg SV2 Stage Piano

Korg SV2 is a winner when it comes to keyboards for the church. It has so many features that make it impossible to resist. Here are a few of them:

  1. Its sounds are amazing (2 sets of 6 basic sounds as well as 6 variations) and can be tweaked according to preference.
  2. It has 88 keys.
  3. It has 128 voices.
  4. The keyboard allows split and layer via the editor.
  5. Along with the keyboard, you get power supply and a DS2H damper pedal.
  6. It is for serious pianists who often play in the church.

The pros

  • The sounds are incredible
  • 8 velocity curves
  • The RH3 bed is really good
  • One of the best acoustic pianos

The cons

  • Expensive 

2. Yamaha Keyboard P515 

Yamaha Keyboard P515 

We have tried to find better keyboards but so far, we haven’t been successful. This is why every list of “top” keyboards and other musical instruments has at least one mention of Yamaha. This particular model is an excellent choice for the following reasons:

  1. It is a weighted digital piano.
  2. It comes with Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) that allows you to create excellent sounds.
  3. It has a natural wood keyboard action and ebony/ivory keys.
  4. The keyboard has a 2-way speaker system with 15w + 2w amplifiers.
  5. It comes with a pedal and a power supply.
  6. It has multiple sounds, a few unique ones that you won’t find anywhere else.

The pros

  • Superior quality
  • Piano room button with quick access
  • Unique piano voices
  • Justifies its price tag

The cons

  • Extremely heavy – non-portable

3. Casio Privia Digital Piano

Casio Privia Digital Piano

This one’s a beauty! Whether you check its ebony/ivory keys or the sounds it produces, you will be left astonished! Check out its features and you will know we are not lying.

  1. It is an 88-key weighted keyboard. The keys work on “hammer-action”.
  2. It has detailed resonance and comes with 18 other tones.
  3. You can expect excellent sound projection thanks to its 4-speaker system.
  4. It enables versatile recording, performance, and practice.
  5. It has a wooden cabinet and comes with a sliding key cover.

The pros

  • Amazing keys
  • Feels like a real piano – you won’t get the feel that it is a digital model
  • Compact

The cons

  • Not made of solid wood but for its price, it is good enough

4. Yamaha P125 – Digital Piano with Weighted Action

Yamaha P125 – Digital Piano with Weighted Action

Here’s another gem from Yamaha! It is also an 88-key keyboard with multiple attractive features such as the following:

  1. You can choose to buy just the piano or a bundle with the pedal and a power supply.
  2. It has GHS weighted action, making it heavy on the low keys and light on the others.
  3. It has a CF sound engine that works wonders on tone.
  4. Its tempo range is 5 to 280.
  5. The keyboard has a split mode thanks to which you can play a different voice with each hand.
  6. It has USB connectivity and allows data transfer. You need a cable to do this. 

The pros

  • 2-way speaker system
  • Acoustic piano experience
  • High-quality sound
  • Portable

The cons

  • A few users dislike the electric piano sounds

5. Roland RD-2000 Premium

Roland RD-2000 Premium

Let’s wrap up with Amazon’s favorite! The Roland RD-2000 Premium comes with a wide range of exciting features. Here are a few:

  1. It has independent sound engines and controller features. It also has a dedicated acoustic sound engine.
  2. It offers 128 voices.
  3. The keyboard comes with 8 knobs and electricity indicators.
  4. There are 8 zones that you can assign for internal sounds and other sources.
  5. It has hybrid wood and molded construction.

The Pros

  • 9 sliders
  • Inexpensive – perfect budget option
  • V-piano engine
  • Easy to save programs

The Cons

  • The sound may not be as great as Korg SV2 or the others

There you have it! These are our favorite keyboard for a church. You may have noticed that they are mostly weighted and non-portable. As we mentioned earlier, this particular aspect if all about preference. If you need a portable keyboard, you may have to compromise on other factors. If that’s not a concern, you won’t go wrong with any of our choices.

Feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions. 

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