Best Microphone for Church Choir – Top Choir Microphone Review of 2019

While talking about the best microphone for the choir, it is essential to know about various types. If you are looking for a mic that is specifically designed for the church choir, then the cardioid condenser mics that covers 180 degrees are the best among all. Generally, they have long cables so that the whole choir area can be covered, and the performers can get the best output coming from the mics. Apart from that, it is also important to have a robust design that can give protection against the interface.

This article will provide the detailed choir microphone reviews of some top brands. They can help you to make your performance better than the best by giving the signal as clean as possible. Let’s start the musical journey with the most loved products.

Best Microphone for Church Choir

1. Behringer C-2 Studio Condenser Microphones

Behringer C-2 Studio Condenser MicrophonesThis product is designed to capture the performance of a choir, piano, or any other instrument. It comes in an identical pair and helps the source to provide a beautiful sound. A condenser mic is an ideal choice for capturing vocals or acoustic instruments. You can use it either in live or other settings like a recording. These twin pro-caliber mics have a 4 dB boost in the 1 kHz – 8 kHz range.

Key Features and Specifications

  • In the package, you will get two matched condenser microphones for the stereo studio recording. They will help you with the live applications.
  • The company offers a cardioid pickup pattern for effective feedback elimination. This product is ideal as main and support microphones.
  • Its low-mass diaphragm is perfect for ultra-wide frequency response, and it benefits the most for ultimate sound reproduction.
  • There is a switchable low-frequency roll-off. Its input attenuation adds a plus point in the church choir microphone. Every switch is designed to deliver beautiful sound.
  • It comes with a gold-plated 3-pin XLR connector for the highest signal integrity. The C-2 microphones are specially designed to capture the best performances.


2. Shure CVO-W/C Overhead Condenser Microphone

Shure CVO-W/C Overhead Condenser MicrophoneShure CVO-W/C is a hanging condenser microphone. The power cable is placed on a flexible holder, and even the microphone is situated in the same place. It provides a clean sound without causing any disturbance with the help of its cardioid directional pattern. You will hear not even a single strand of background noise or interference. This product is one of the best if you use it in a choir, various performances, or any other events.

Key Features and Specifications

  • It will not create any disturbance or irritating sounds even when there are multiple sound sources around.
  • It comes with a long cable of 25 feet and a widescreen. Because of this length, you can also use it on a large stage.
  • The company offers two colors, white and black. The design of Shure CVO-W/C smart, reliable, and dependable.
  • Its tailored frequency response is ideal for capturing fast transients above choirs and other ensembles.
  • CommShield Technology gives protection against unwanted RF interference from portable wireless devices and high resistance to intense nearby radio signals.


3. Audio-Technica ProPoint Condenser Hanging Microphone

Audio-Technica ProPoint Condenser Hanging MicrophoneThis cute tiny little mic’s Hi-SPL handling is ideal for suspension over choirs and orchestras. It offers a wide-range condenser element with a low-mass diaphragm to enhance the performance and make it the best. The already included electronics eliminate the need for any extra power modules. If you choose this microphone for church choir, you will never want to have any other mics.

Key Features and Specifications

  • It is flat, convenient to use, and provides a smooth frequency response. Its 25’ cable is already attached between the microphone and XLRM-type connector.
  • Not only for choirs, but it also works best speeches, presentations, theater, or orchestra. Its durable construction & unobtrusive appearance are winning hearts.
  • The company offers two models in the colors of white and black. They are known as Pro45 and Pro45W, and both offer versatile sound-reinforcement solutions.
  • It does have holes around the sides, and thus, it is not an omnidirectional mic that can cover 360 degrees. As it is a cardioid mic, you can cover the 180 degrees.
  • The manufacturer provides a two-year limited end-user warranty. All the features and the reasonable assurance make it a perfect mic for this price.


4. Shure MX202B/C Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Shure MX202B/C Cardioid Condenser MicrophoneWhen it comes to choir microphone reviews, Shure Cardioid Condenser Microphones always win the race. Whether you want a cardioid, in-line preamp mic/plate-mounted preamp, or super-cardioid, inline preamp/plate-mounted preamp, this product is ideal for you in all scenarios. The kit includes black mini-condenser cardioid mic, w/cable, in-line preamp, and a stand adapter. It offers some fantastic features stated below.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Its balanced transformer output works fantastic to increase the immunity to noise over long cable runs. It can be suspended over the heads of the performers.
  • Its high sensitivity and wide frequency range make it perfectly suitable for recordings and other sound reinforcement applications.
  • The 4-inch gooseneck allows the mic to get the sound quickly and clearly. It aims well at the sound source with the help of the gooseneck.
  • The Microflex microphones use interchangeable cartridges. This feature allows the performer to select the polar pattern for different installations.
  • The preamplifier gain can be decreased by 12 dB if necessary. Its wide dynamic range and frequency response are best to get accurate sound reproduction.


5. Peavey VCM 3 Choir Microphone

Peavey VCM 3 Choir MicrophonePabey is a famous brand that manufactures amplifiers, keyboard amp, amplifier foot controller, rubber feet, etc. But, even while discussing the best microphone for the church choir, it is recommended to mention Peavey VCM 3 Choir Microphone because of its extraordinary features and specifications. You should consider this miniature mic to serve your purpose of having a choir microphone.

Key Features and Specifications

  • It comes with a mini three-pin XLR (QG) Microphone cable connector and black-electret condenser element.
  • The microphone includes 10-meter slim profile cable, windscreen, and wire-form hanging adapter for better quality and sensitive sound.
  • Whether your choir is small or large, you can use this mic in your church to get an unobtrusive and excellent sound. There are no feedback problems.
  • Peavey choir microphone is quite pricy than the other products because of the extraordinary performance given by it and the fastest delivery.
  • The users suggest ordering extra wiring if your church has relatively larger areas. There are no complaints about the machines, though. They are up to the mark.


These are the top five church choir microphones according to our research, experience, and customer feedback. Before concluding the article, we would like to tell you that all these theaters and choral microphones come with a locking system of feedback. This feature helps in preventing the formation of unpleasant, irritable, and sharp noises that may occur during contact with the mic. Select the products according to your need and convenience. Also, choose the color (black or white) wisely that is unnoticeable on the stage. We hope you got everything that you were looking for! Order today!

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