Best speakers for church – Here are the top sound systems of 2020

At the church, whether it is for the spoken word or for music, sound systems must perform well. They need to be at their best no matter what, doing complete justice to the speaker or singer(s). This is why specifically choosing the best speakers for the church is highly recommended. 

Keeping this tailored need in mind, in fact, many companies offer sound systems for the church. They come as a package to satisfy all your needs. A complete sound system usually includes a mic, stands, speakers, and a mixer. A few contain more components too. These choices give you the complete freedom to pick whatever suits your needs the best. 

However, we understand that choices can be daunting and confusing. Also, spending a lot of time on research does not feel like a good way to spend your evening. Don’t worry! We have done your homework. Now, you can just go through our list and choose the best within minutes. Let’s begin!

Best speakers for church

1.  Yamaha DXR12 1100-watt LoudspeakerYamaha DXR12 1100-watt Loudspeaker

If your need is related to music, Yamaha has a product for you! Yamaha has barely ever disappointed us with its musical equipment, and it lives up to its expectations with this amazing loudspeaker as well. The speaker is available in multiple sizes and works extremely well for speeches and audio. Its top features are as follows:

  1. It is available in multiple sizes (8, 10, 12, and 15 inches). You can choose based on the size, portability, and other factors. 
  2. It is an 1100-watt speaker with class D power.
  3. You can use it as the main speaker or the floor speaker, depending on your needs. Many individuals buy multiple units to cover the entire church.
  4. It is DPS-controlled to ensure that the output is the highest.
  5. Its 3-channel mixer works wonderfully with different types of inputs, delivering great quality sound each time.
  6. The dynamic control also ensures that the clarity remains high, no matter what the output level is.
  7. Every speaker has a dual-angle pole mount socket so that you angle it as per the need. It also has rigging points!
  8. It is a compact speaker with an elegant design.
  9. The only downside to these speakers is that they are quite heavy.

2. JBL EON610 10-inch Speaker

JBL EON610 10-inch Speaker

We often find it hard to mention speakers and miss JBL. JBL has been a pioneer in sound system, and thus, it should be no surprise that the EON610 speaker is on our list. Below are reasons why you should buy it:

  1. It is available in 3 sizes – 10, 12, and 15 inches.
  2. It has a purposeful design and is portable. So, if portability is one of your key preferences, you must consider this speaker.
  3. The speaker is powered by the JBL Waveguide Technology.
  4. It is an advanced speaker in that it has Bluetooth integration. You can connect it with your phone (Android or iOS) via Bluetooth and play anything with ease. You can also control master volume, recall user presets, adjust its settings, etc.
  5. The speaker offers a variety of setup configurations.
  6. The various modes that you can choose from are monitor, main, sub, and speech.
  7. It is quite user-friendly and very easy to use.

3. Rockville Package PA SystemPRORECK Club Sound System

Are you looking for more than just the speakers? Do you want the entire package? Say hello to Rockville! This sound system comes with everything you could hope for and probably a little bit more. Let’s dig deeper and find out the reasons why this system made it to our list:

  1. The sound system has a mixer/amp, 2 wired mics, 2 stands, and 2 speakers. 
  2. The speakers are Bluetooth-enabled.
  3. You can choose the size of the speakers as the brand offers 3 options – 10, 12, and 15 inches.
  4. The speaker stands are collapsible and easy to carry around.
  5. The speakers themselves are powerful with 4 Ohm high power woofers.
  6. They have a two-way cabinet architecture.
  7. The mixer has an LCD display and a built-in radio tuner. It also has a USB input.
  8. The microphones, on the other hand, are of professional quality with a super-cardioid polar pattern.

4. PRORECK Club Sound SystemPRORECK Club Sound System

This is an all-in-one sound system that promises to impress you! It comes with numerous components that will come handy almost always. This also means that once you buy this system, you won’t have to buy anything else! It does the entire job single-handedly. Below are a few of its highlights:

  1. The sound system consists of an active woofer, a passive woofer, 8 speakers, 2 speaker stands, cables, and a remote control device.
  2. The remote control allows easy, hands-off usage even from a distance of 66 feet.
  3. The system is Bluetooth compatible, USB-powered, and SD-enabled. So, you can use it however you want to! 
  4. It also has subwoofers that remove distortion and deliver a great response.
  5. The system is ideal not just for the church but also for concerts, weddings, parties, conferences, and classroom seminars.
  6. The amplifier is multi-functional and comes with a large LCD display.
  7. It has a 5-band graphic equalizer.
  8. Its compatibility and clarity make it a great choice for everyone! 

5. JBL Pro Speakers with Stands and CablesJBL Pro Speakers with Stands and Cables

Let’s end this list with a loud bang! The JBL Pro Speakers are among our absolute favorites because they are worth every penny! They come with stands and cables and work wonderfully with a variety of amplifiers. Why must you buy these? Keep reading to find out:

  1. These are passive 8 Ohm speakers.
  2. They offer 2-way sound reinforcement.
  3. The speakers have a sonic guard that protects them even when the power goes up. This is crucial for seamless performance without interruptions.
  4. The inductors and capacitors have massive cores and are high-voltage types.
  5. The stands are adjustable, and you can change the height based on the requirement. 

You will note that each of our choices is different. A few are just speakers while a couple of others are complete sound systems. We have deliberately mixed them up to accommodate the varying needs of our readers. No matter what your choices may be, thus, we have a system for you! Go on, then, compare, choose, and cart them now!


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