Choir Vs Chorus: Difference Between Chorus and Choir

There are many groups that perform music. From solo artists to mega groups, all can be associated with the musical journey. Generally, it is not difficult to differentiate the type of music or groups that sing varieties. But when it comes to a choir and chorus, people get confused. It’s because both of these words are related to large groups of singers. These two groups are not the same, and this article will describe both the terms. 

What is a Choir?

A choir is a group of singers. An organized group of singers who can sing hymns and prayers for church services can form a choir. It is a specific word different than the term ‘chorus.’ Choir also refers to the building section where the singers stand. But it is more likely to and known as a group. In the more general meaning, the majority of the people know it like an organized group of people or things. For example, if a group has the same type of instruments, then they can be called as a choir in the layman language. 

What is a Chorus?

A chorus is a big group of singers along with some dancers. Chorus may include people who can sing and dance at the same time. It has one another meaning. It is also known as the refrain of a song. Many people call it a choir because it looks the same, but of course, it is not! However, a chorus can be quite specific because of its different types of performances. 

The dancers among the singers perform while singing, which makes the chorus different than the choir. The different types include a musical comedy, drama, and an opera, etc. and for each of them, there is the mixed chorus. The chorus doesn’t only refer to performers, but also to the part of a song that repeats at specific intervals. Apart from that, it also refers to anything spoken or done at the same time by a group of people. 

Choir vs Chorus

  • A choir refers to a group of singers and no dancers or musicians, while a chorus may include dancers and even actors. 
  • Choir and chorus share some meanings but are not interchangeable. For eg., a chorus can refer to the refrain of a song, but the choir can’t.
  • You can call it a choir or a chorus if you listen to a group of singers. But if there is some repeated section of a song, then it is known as chorus and not the choir.
  • Both words can refer to groups of people or the same kind of animals. A choir only compromises just vocalists and not any other performances.

If you want to keep the terms in mind without getting confused, then remember the letter ‘S’ as it comes in both the chorus and the song. The chorus and song both are spelled with the letter S. It is easy to remember that the chorus can refer to a part of the song. So from now onwards, if any of your friends get the question regarding the difference between chorus and choir, share them this piece of information that explains the exact distinguish of Chorus vs Choir.

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