How To Install a Church PA System – Add Sound System Easily

A public address system or commonly known as a PA system, becomes an important part for churches, especially as this electronic system helps in enhancing the volume and quality of the human voice and even the music that is being played. It becomes necessary to install a PA system for church readings, such as testimonies and sermons

PA systems comprise an amplifier, microphone, speaker, and so. It helps the churchgoers in hearing the music and voices of those speaking in the church. Thus, choosing the right type of PA system in the church becomes extremely essential. This article will help you with how to install the system and which one is good to buy for your church. Go, read ahead to find out more about the same.

Which PA system to buy for your church?

Choosing the right and perfect system for your church is essential because many of your daily activities depend on it, such as the music being played, the testimonies and sermons that are being read daily. Choosing the one that fits your requirements has to be the number one priority. Purchasing a PA system also depends on how small or how large the church is and how flexibly and conveniently you will be able to use the system. You also need to decide on a budget for yourself. It is not necessary that spending more means that you’ll be buying the best system, but it’ll increase your options in selecting the right one. 

You also need to decide whether you require a permanent or portable system, the shape of your church’s room, and your worship style, such as traditional or contemporary. These factors will determine the system that will be better for you and your congregation. 

How to choose a good PA system for your church?

How to choose a good PA system for your church?

There are some features that you should focus your attention on so that you get the best results from your PA system. Some easy tips to consider while looking for a good PA system is to check the sound quality to see whether the churchgoers will be able to hear the words properly, a good microphone which does not cause a lot of disturbance and noise while speaking, and the amount of coverage that is being offered from the loudspeakers. Another thing to ensure is the size of the system and whether it will fit inside the church perfectly. 

There are so many details where you need to pay attention because PA systems are expensive, and it is an investment that you want to last you for a very long period. You must always pay extra attention to the quality of your mixer as everything depends on it. In the same way, you need to choose a high-performing sound system and a good quality microphone because not all microphones are the same and not all are good. 

How to install a PA system for your church?

Coming to the crux of this article- how to properly install the PA system inside the church. There are a lot of mistakes the churches make when it comes to installing the PA system correctly. The major mistake is the improper installation of the speakers. Many churches install the speakers on the ceiling, which does no good for the congregation because the audio from the speakers which are installed around the ceiling does not appear to sound properly. The correct placement for your speakers is in the center. So, you have to consider your church’s seats, your audience, and the dispersion pattern of your speaker so that you get better sound from the system. It is also necessary to hang the loudspeakers properly in place using the correct hardware supplies from a professional supplier. 

The best way to install the PA system is with the assistance of professional agencies and a sound contractor who knows what they are doing and will help you out with the installation process. Many churches try to install everything by themselves with the reasoning to save money, but this might become a disadvantage in the future. You need to trust the professionals and let them do their job instead of trying to do the work on your own. A PA system is expensive and costs a lot of money, so you must install it correctly for the system to last you for a couple of years. 


There are few measures that you have to ensure upon for a good quality PA system and its proper installation. Taking the help of an expert will turn out to be very beneficial because they’ll be able to guide you in the process of selecting the correct system to fulfill all your requirements for the proper installation of the entire system. 

I hope this article would have been helpful to you. Keep in touch; there are more interesting articles coming in your way. 

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